Följande kom just från Marina:

It is so hard. Florian is fighting for his life and his chances of survival are very small. The problem is that his new bone-marrow thinks that his body is a foreign body and is attacking every organ, one after the other. His skin, eyes, liver and mouth have healed but now he is bleeding profusely from his kidneys and gut and losing too much fluid. The doctors are doing all they can for him but they just don't know what to do next. He is in very much pain and in danger of blood-clots on one hand, bleeding on the other hand, and catching a lethal infection at any time. He is already being given all possible antibiotic, anti-viral and fungicide medication. But he and his mother pray together and he wears the miraclulous medal, and he has been given the sacraments. On friday the priest is visiting him again. Everybody who knows him and lots of people who don't know him are praying for him. We try to leave it up to God now.
Thank you for praying


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besökare har varit här minst en gång. Om vi sprider adressen blir vi fler! Kanske några också blir inspirerade...

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