Baptism of our Lord – Jan 10th

Footballer really getting into the thick of things and playing his heart out - we like that. Or the family party where people get really into it and sing a bit, and tell the old family stories. Or you visit a hospital and people feel you are really present to and with them and know them…these are  various ways of getting into the thick of things.
Into the thick of our lives
Jesus today got into the thick of his people. He got baptised even though he didn’t need to. Like a parent getting to the floor to play on an equal footing with the child, Jesus made himself one of us and descended Into the depths of the water.  He let everyone believe he was just like us… they even  thought he was a sinner. 
God becomes one of us, a human being.  In the depths of the water, he was saying, ‘ I share  in all human life’. 
Like us in the depths
In the depths of the river - in the spaces of his life where he loved and suffered, laughed, cried and sang and danced, like us all - there he heard the big word of God for him - you are my beloved son…..
He would live like that. A man who hit the depths of peoples’ lives, a man who lived at the edge, one who lives deep within us all.  We’ll see that in the future….he really touched people’s lives closely even touching a leper who would be contagious.  People were most important to him, maybe his Father was moreso, but all were one.
Today’s feast emphasises the nearness and the unity of the Son of God with us. That was the mystery celebrated for us at our baptism. He brings each day to us the light of life and of hope and forgiveness promised at baptism.

 We pray in gratitude for that – for the grace and the help of our friendship with you, we thank, you Lord Jesus.

Donal Neary SJ.


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besökare har varit här minst en gång. Om vi sprider adressen blir vi fler! Kanske några också blir inspirerade...

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