Reflektion från Fr. Neary

3rd Sunday of Easter Year B – April 22, 2012.

We may be amazed at the memory of Jesus in the risen body taking a meal of grilled fish.  He does if for many reasons, one being to ease their fear, so that when he does something comforting like eating a meal, they relax in his company. There is the human joy of a meal.

The same Jesus

The message is also that Jesus is the same Jesus as they knew. There is continuity from Good Friday into Easter Sunday, and the risen body of Jesus still shows his wounds.

In the gospel there are two types of questions and atmosphere about food. We receive the food of God in prayer, in the word of God, and in the eucharist and sacraments. Jesus fed the apostles and then sent them to feed other.  It is the same with his community of the church today; we are to be food for the world. 

Engagement of Faith

Engagement with the gifts and call of the risen Lord is an engagement of faith. Faith, a great gift in our lives, is much challenged today; it is a humble response to God, not knowing all the answers.   Faith is dark, humble and it is within ourselves that find the yes of faith.

We want a more central place for religion but not a coerced religion. We live by faith that flows from love of God and others, grounded in our shared  belief in the presence of the risen Jesus among us,  This is the religion of the risen Christ - embracing the whole world, sending us all as witnesses of his love -  and interested in fish for the human joy of eating together.

Risen Lord you are our peace, risen Lord you are our joy, risen Lord you are forever with us.

Donal Neary SJ.


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besökare har varit här minst en gång. Om vi sprider adressen blir vi fler! Kanske några också blir inspirerade...

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