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11 of the Year b
The readings today seem to praise what is small – the mustard seed which begins small, and the ‘Lord, who makes the low trees grow, and the withered green’. 
Gradual Growth
God is also praising the normal development of life which is gradual. We start as babies, family love grows over the years, romance starts with a glance or a look and develops. The best in life has small beginnings.
Maybe God’s way of judging us and the world is different than we might imagine. A Jesuit preacher once said that ‘Jesus says feed my sheep; he doesn’t say count them’!  One of his best stories was leaving ninety-nine sheep alone while he searched for the lost one. Each is relevant, loved and important.
The individual is important – a big message of Jesus. Each person is loved and valued for who he or she is. The smallest love in our lives is worth millions in the eyes of God. He sees our efforts at love, goodness and forgiveness as well as our successes.
If we can see everyone like this we are almost like a shelter for people, as the mustard seed grew big enough to shelter the birds of the air. God shelters us in the love we share with others.
We never know when the harvest of our goodness will be seen. With God if we do the best we can to grow in goodness and in love, and in the following of his gospel, the harvest will be reaped and we may never know it.
People in the caring professions know this, as do parents, that we never know where what we have tried to do in love and care for others is never wasted.  This Jesus believed about his life, that death and all that this death involved would lead to resurrection.
Keep me safe O Lord, ion your protection,  keep me growing in your love and secure in your constant care.

Donal Neary SJ.


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besökare har varit här minst en gång. Om vi sprider adressen blir vi fler! Kanske några också blir inspirerade...

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