Easter 3
I have met many people who found this story really helped at  times when they were down, - hopes gone, illness and many of the crosses of life. like for the apostles, Jesus was not visibly present -  vanished and then they knew he was raised...like us. The presence, active and loving remained. He had accompanied them in a dark journey of life.
He found them
Jesus went to them, he did not await their visit. Somehow he knew that people of his ‘set’ were in darkness and maybe despair. This is the call of the church – to be with us in prayer, community and service always, and especially for what Pope Francis calls ‘the peripheries of life’. Most of us spend some time there, and appreciate the help of love and faith.
Then they went to tell the story of how they were changed. Faith grows in sharing it. A father said –‘ in my child’s first communion, I got faith stronger.’  If we are honest and open with each other in faith, the faith of everyone grows.
Here and Now
They told their story of Jesus in the here and now. Not reminiscing on what things were once like in Galilee. Notice this week where the Lord is present in love, care, creation, an uplift of joy, prayer and the Eucharist.
Every journey of life can be an Emmaus journey where we meet the Lord. Every altar can be the altar of Emmaus, and indeed every meal can be a time of friendship, care and nourishment for body and for soul.
Donal Neary SJ.


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