Easter 4
We talk about the shortage of vocations.  We wonder about a time when hundreds joined religious life every year.  This brings up all sorts of questions about the future of the church.  Today, Vocations Sunday is not about priesthood only, or religious life.  The first big moment of vocation is baptism  The anointing of chrism is the anointing of vocation. 
Witness, Love and Service. 
The baptismal vocation is  for Witness, Love and Service.  This will be expressed in ways in which people take on their baptism.  In Married life, single life - within the single life, religious life, priesthood.
Witness - to our faith, the love of God.  To the life and the values of Jesus in our lives.  Teaching is not itself a vocation for example but the way we teach is a way of living out our vocation.
Love - the ordinary relationships of life. In the special promise of marriage, in family and in friendship.  Any love is a sharing in the love of God and a sharing of the love of God. In the moments of unselfish love in any relationship we are living out the vocation. When you love, you are doing God’s will!
Service - the wider world. Love of the poorer world, here and elsewhere. A way of welcoming the stranger.  Christian love doesn’t always mean knowing a person.  We want to make the lives of all deserving of the name human. 
Lord, be with me as I offer myself in partnership with you to work in your world.
Donal Neary SJ.


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